Step-by-step guide to accessing NILS data

All researchers wishing to gain access to NILS (and NIMS) data must go through an approvals process which requires the completion of a NILS NIMS Application Form Old. To gain a better understanding of what is required in the application form please see our two exemplar application forms below:

Guidance Exemplar Application Form 1

Guidance Exemplar Application Form 2

The NILS Research Support Unit (NILS-RSU) is committed to assisting researchers at all stages of the approvals process to provide advice and ensure minimum delays.  All types of applications are welcome but in order to gain approval it is strongly recommended that potential researchers complete clear and well-designed proposals.


Please follow the steps listed:

Steps 1-2: Application

Steps 3-8: Approvals and Security

Steps 9-11: Analysis and Outputs


We are very pleased to announce the new version of our data dictionary interface featuring: full variable information, advanced search options and the ability to save your own variable lists between sessions. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the new system so please find out more...


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