Steps 9-11: Analysis and Outputs


Step 9: Analysis

All primary data analysis will be carried out within the NILS-RSU secure environment in NISRA HQ, Belfast. Researchers will be supervised at all times by NILS-RSU staff within the secure environment. Researchers will be required to adhere to the NILS Dos and Don'ts.

In some circumstances, arrangements can be made to run analyses remotely: in this case the researchers provide syntax by email to the NILS-RSU. The main data analysis software packages normally available are SPSS, STATA, MLWin, R and the main Microsoft packages. Outputs from these analyses will normally be released from the safe setting (via email) once cleared by the NILS-RSU. To place a request for alternative software please complete the Statistical Software Package Request Form.


Step 10: Accessing outputs

Intermediate Outputs:

Intermediate Outputs can only be released to researchers named on the approved NILS Application Form.  Outputs from analyses will normally be released from the secure environment (via email) once checked for disclosure risk and cleared by the NILS-RSU in accordance with the NILS Disclosure Control Policy.  Researchers should allow a maximum of 5 working days for the clearance of an intermediate output.  

Final Outputs:

To disseminate NILS results beyond the project team (named in the application form and licence agreements) you must obtain clearance from the NILS-RSU using the NISRA RSU Final Outputs Clearance Form.  Please refer to the Final Outputs Guidance included at the back of this form.  Final output checks are carried out in order to ensure that there is no risk of disclosure and that the NILS and any linked data have been described and used appropriately. The NILS-RSU will also check to ensure that the approved NILS acknowledgement has been used.   Examples of final outputs are working papers, reports or journal articles intended for publication, presentations or abstracts.  Researchers should allow a maximum of 20 working days for the clearance of all final outputs, with the exception of conference and journal abstracts, for which 5 working days are required.


Step 11: Published outputs

We ask all researchers to notify the NILS Support Team whenever work drawing on your NILS analyses is published. We maintain a database of all published NILS-based research (see Outputs) which is important in ensuring future funding for the NILS-RSU.


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