Project 025

Project Title:

Applying modelled income indicator to the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study.


Dr David Donnelly, Alan McClelland and Dr Jos IJpelaar





Project Summary:

Small area-based measures of income are being developed through an ESNSG project with the University of Essex. These statistics will give data on the probability of households in each small area falling below a given low-income threshold. This methodology is to be extended further in a separate NISRA project which is to be applicable at a household level. The current project will apply this model to each NILS member giving the probability that their household falls below an income threshold.This modelled income probability will then be used as a proxy for income in future NILS projects such as production of mortality and fertility rates by income probability and investigation of migration patterns. However this project will focus on providing background information and evaluating the usefulness and accuracy of results produced using the income model.

Publications to date:

McClelland, A. and Donnelly, D. (2009) Pervasive Area Poverty: a pilot study applying modelled household income in a NILS Context . OFMDFM.


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