Project 062

Project Title:

Deprived areas and disadvantaged people: Social Investment Fund areas and migration 2001-2010


Janis Scallon and Dr Ian Shuttleworth


Office of First Minister and Deputy First Minister and Queen's University Belfast



Project Summary:

It is well known that migration sorts people between places according to individual socio-demographic characteristics.  This project aims to add to this evidence base by focussing on the characteristics in 2001 of those who entered, left and moved within the group of SOAs that were eligible for inclusion in the Social Investment Fund (SIF) according to criteria provided by OFMDFM. The analysis will group SOAs by selected social deprivation domains such as health with flows in and out of the top 10% and 20% most deprived between 2001 and 2010 as the focus for analysis.  The analysis will start with descriptive cross tabulations to answer questions about the social composition of migratory flows. For instance are those with limiting long-term illness or no qualifications less likely to leave the top 10% deprived SOAs and more likely to enter than those with some qualifications? Multivariate analysis will then examine the individual and household factors that determine the relative chances of someone leaving or moving to a deprived area according to their status in 2001, and will look at their locations in 2005 and 2010. This will enable greater understanding of the extent to which policies to intervene in SIF areas are ‘swimming against the migratory tide’ with migration flows working to concentrate the poor in some areas.

Publications to date:

Shuttleworth, I. (2013) 'Social Investment Fund Areas and Population Dynamics: Describing and Analysing Internal Migration Moves into and out of Socially Deprived Areas using the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS).' OFMDFM [Project 062]



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