A list of all applications currently using either the NI Longitudinal Study or NI Mortality Study are listed below with links to further details:

Project 112: Community Belonging, Social Resilience, and Long Term Health Outcomes. Further details

Project 111: Spatialising health inequalities in Northern Ireland: A GIS based analysis of the relationship between socioeconomic status and respiratory disease. Further details

Project 110: Frequency of Moving Home in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 109: Ethnic and Immigrant Ill-health and Mortality and their Predictors in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 108: Adopting the ‘life course’ approach to investigate migratory behaviour and patterns of segregation in Northern Ireland between 1974 and 2015. Further details

Project 106: A descriptive and empirical analysis of labour market change in Northern Ireland between 1991 and 2011, with a focus on the investigation of historic and emerging labour market inequalities. Further details

Project 105: Deprivation, Social Mobility and Population Health and Mortality in Northern Ireland 1981 –2011. A life-course analysis of associations and trajectories between and within cohorts. Further details

Project 104: Assessing the impact of an ageing population and increasing levels of chronic illness and disability. Further details

Project 103: Internet usage and residential moves: What do we know? Further details

Project 102: Multi-morbidity and Mortality in Northern Ireland: An investigation of the association between self-reported multiple health disorders and subsequently recorded mortality. Further details

Project 101: A record-linkage study assessing the influence of mental illness on breast screening uptake in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 100: Mismatches and matches in address information from the Census and BSO: A longitudinal perspective 2001-2011. Further details

Project 099: Of Deafness and Mental Health: A data linkage study. Further details

Project 098: Of Doctors and Death: A data linkage study. Further details

Project 097: Social mobility and the emergence of new mixed-community identities: mapping occurrence, understanding causes, determining consequences. Further details

Project 096: Volunteering and mortality risk: a data linkage study. Further details

Project 094: Social and Occupational Mobility: Estimating the Extent of and Mechanisms Underpinning Intergenerational Mobility over a Twenty-Year period. Further details

Project 093: Cultural norms of health-related behaviour – A Case Study of Protestant and Catholic Communities in Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 092: Mortality rates by occupation within the UK. Further details

Project 089: A Longitudinal Study of Commuting Patterns in Northern Ireland 2001 – 2011: A Public Health Perspective. Further details

Project 088: Suicide Risk and Family Contagion. Further details

Project 087: Risk Factors for Poor Mental Health and Family Contagion. Further details

Project 086: Mortality associated with care-giving and care-giving related stress: a data linkage study. Further details

Project 085: Childhood residential mobility and poor mental health in adolescence and early adulthood: a record linkage study. Further details

Project 082: The Health and Mental Health of Caregivers in Northern Ireland – A Study based on the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS). Further details

Project 080: Religious Identities and Social Change in Northern Ireland 1991 – 2011. Relationships with Mortality, Fertility and Health. Further details

Project 077: Telling it like it is: Educational attainment compared between the Censuses. Further details

Project 076: Community Sorting: Evidence from Northern Ireland. Further details

Project 073: Examining the area effects and health on variation in reproductive behaviour. Further details

Project 071: Population characteristics of stigma, condition disclosure and chronic health conditions. Further details

Project 070: Does religious exogamy (mixed marriage) increase the risk of marital dissolution in Northern Ireland? Further details

Project 069: Social and economic transitions and their effect on young people's health and social wellbeing. Further details

Project 067: Health, housing tenure, and entrapment 2001-2011: Does changing tenure and address improve health? Further details

Project 066: Fertility in Northern Ireland 2001-2011: The influence of Education and Migration. Further details


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