Dr Ian Shuttleworth


Tel: 028 9097 3359

A graduate of the University of Leicester and Trinity College Dublin, Ian Shuttleworth has worked in Northern Ireland since 1990.  He was appointed to a lectureship in Human Geography in QUB in 1993 and since 2004 has been a senior lecturer.  During his career he has conducted a wide range of research on topics ranging from education to segregation, and he has published over 35 journal articles and book chapters.  His current research interests include spatial mobility in the labour market, migration, residential segregation, and census analysis.  He is currently Director of the NILS-RSU and is also a member of the NI Census Advisory Group and the ESRC Census Advisory Committee.

NILS-Core Team

NILS-Core is a small team of NISRA staff who are responsible for the creation, maintenance, development and use of the NILS.  NILS-Core is part of NISRA’s Demography and Methodology Branch who report to the Head of Demography (Dr David Marshall) and ultimately to the NISRA Chief Executive and Registrar General for Northern Ireland (Dr Norman Caven).

The work of the NILS-Core includes:

  • all tasks relating to the update, maintenance and development of the NILS such as obtaining data from the data suppliers, developing and implementing matching processes, completing all automated and manual matching and producing regular updates of Core NILS Data to the NILS-RSU;
  • responsibility for the NILS network including all aspects of security of the NILS.  This includes all IT equipment and software including the maintenance of the NILS servers, the management of the Audit database and the creation of NILS User Accounts and Project Folders;
  • ensuring the security of data during the linkage process for Distinct Linkage Projects and liaison with ORECNI and PAC;
  • the development of NILS-related policies (Disclosure Control Policy, Licence Agreement, Security Policy);  and
  • the administration of the NILS Steering Group (SG) and the NILS Research Approvals Group (RAG).  This includes managing NILS RAG forms and forwarding copies of final outputs to NILS RAG.

In addition the NILS-Core work closely with the NILS-RSU on:

  • the development of Distinct Linkage Projects ensuring all legal, ethical and RAG issues are addressed;
  • the production of NILS documentation including working papers;
  • the maintenance & development of the Data Dictionary; and
  • the promotion of NILS.


We are very pleased to announce the new version of our data dictionary interface featuring: full variable information, advanced search options and the ability to save your own variable lists between sessions. We would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the new system so please find out more...


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