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Gaffikin, F., Karelse, C.M., Morrissey, M., Mulholland, C., Sterrett, K., 2016, 'Making Space for Each Other: Civic Place-Making in a Divided Society', Belfast: Queen's University Belfast.

Making Space for Each Other: Civic Place-Making in a Divided Society is the final report of the research project Planning for Spatial Reconciliation. The report comprises three main sections that aim to clarify how a new planning system can contribute to a more socially cohesive post-conflict society in Northern Ireland. Section A of the report identifies the main difficulties that stand in the way of a truly reconciled Northern Irish society. Section B sets out the problems that the traditional forms of planning in Northern Ireland have posed for alleviating its social conflict, while Section C offers an alternative way of planning that might help to establish a Northern Irish society that is more cohesive in the future. 

The report is available for download here.


Gaffikin, F., Morissey, M., 2011, 'Planning in Divided Cities: collaborative shaping of contested space', Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

Planning in Divided Cities examines urban planning and policy in the context of deeply contested space, where identity and cultural affinities are reshaping cities. Throughout the world, contentions around identity and territory abound, and in Britain, this problem has found recent expression in debates about multiculturalism and community cohesion. These issues are most visible in the urban arena, where socially polarised communities co-habit cities also marked by divided ethnic loyalities. The relationship between the two is complicated by the typical pattern that social disadvantage is disproportionaly concentrated among ethnic groups, who also experience a social and cultural estrangement, based on religious or racial identity.



Gaffikin, F.,  Mceldowney, M., Sterrett, K., 'Creating Shared Public Space in the Contested City: The Role of Urban Design', Journal of Urban Design, 15(4): 493–513



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