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Compounding & Formulation


The range of available compounding facilities can be applied to studies on a large number of polymer based formulations, including polymer blends and recyclate, fibre reinforced thermoplastics composites, filled polymers and nanocomposites. Sample sizes can range from a few hundred grammes to many kilogrammes depending on requirements.   

A large body of associated formulation expertise exists in order to optimize compound properties or processability. Specialist areas of compounding know-how include biodegradable polymers, flame retardants, natural fibre composites, filler surface treatment technologies, silicate layer clay nanocomposites and carbon nanotubes.

The Centre can undertake compounding using the following items of equipment:

  • 16mm diameter twin screw Thermo Scientific extruder and Haake internal mixer 
  • One Dr Collin twin screw extruder, 25mm screw diameters co-rotating used in association with dosing system and eccentric die face pelletiser;
  • Compounding line, including four-strand die, water cooling trough and pelletiser;
  • Two Killion KN-100 extruders, 38mm screw diameter
  • One Dr Collin Two-roll mill;
  • One Dr Collin Platen press.


Contact Information

Polymer Processing Research Centre
Queen's University Belfast
Ashby Building
Stranmillis Road
Belfast BT9 5AH

Tel: 028 90974700

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