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Information for participants

a picture of the Care Pathways team. From left to right: Kerrylee, Clive, Montse, Greg, Áine, Dominic, Mandi
The Care Pathways and Outcomes team

Three of us came to visit you and your parents/carers.
We are: Clive, Greg, Dominic, Kerrylee, Montse, Áine, Mandi, and Duana.

Information for participants

Here you can find the information materials for potential participants of the study. The information pack for potential participants consists of:

1.       Information sheet for parents

2.       Information sheet for children

3.        Pathways Introductory DVD  

4.      and a copy of the report for parents and the report for children and young people.


Information for children invited to take part

Information for parents and carers invited to take part


Contact Information

Institute of Child Care Research
School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work
Queen's University Belfast
6 College Park

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