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Postgraduate Research

Welcome to the Postgraduate Research site for the Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning. This page will give you information on our current and planned projects and activities in ISEP and across the SPACE postgraduate community. The next reading group will look at Ethics and Planning Research. This will be attended by staff and students but we welcome interested researchers outside the ISEP group. If you wish to attend please contact Brendan Murtagh. A new ‘social networking’ approach to academia has been developed which some of our Doctoral students have joined. You can sign up at: and play a part in creating connections with others in the planning research field

Current PhD Students

ISEP's PhD students are immersed in our distinctive multi-disciplinary research culture. Working closely within the School of Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering we want to generate a lively and proactive community of students and academics, who are conducting innovative research and laying the groundwork for lifelong careers in planning research and education.

Here are our current PhD students.


Project Title

 Karen Jenkinson

 Inter-Professional Perspectives on Healthy Urban Planning in the UK

 Alan McCarten

 Mediation, Planning and the Divided City

 Aisling Murphy

 Migrant integration in new destination areas: a study of Northern Ireland

 Andrew Grounds

 Neoliberal Urbanization? Actual realities and the development of the Cathedral Quarter

 Laura Michael

 Managing Sacred Spaces: an examination of development processes at historically sensitive
 sites through the lens of collaborative planning theory

 James Hennessey

 Open Space Types, Typologies and Toponymies

 Neil Galway

 Contested place, memory and spatial planning

 Thomas Bell

 Towards understanding community acceptance using Anaerobic Digestion (AD) in
 Northern Ireland as a case study

 Gavan Rafferty

 Examining the Intersection between Planning & Peace-building: An evaluation of the role of
 urban governance & spatial planning in addressing Contested Space

 Luke Kelleher

 Economic, Environmental and Social Implications of Selective and Segregated Schooling

 Phillip Black

 Aesthetic Control – A Critical Reflection on Public Building Design in the UK

 Dianne Quinn

 Planning, segregation and the regulation of equality

 Pat Maginn

 Social capital’s influence on change at levels of people, place & policy

 Carey Doyle

 Migrants:  Identities, Space and Place

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