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Kelleher, Luke

Economic, Environmental and Social Implications of Selective and Segregated Schooling Systems




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Current Research

Increasing school choice is currently high on the agenda for education reforms in Great Britain. The Government is committed to increasing choice and encouraging the participation of faith schools and religious organisations in the state maintained sector. Market segmentation by consumers in terms of the location of activities they engage in, will clearly have an impact on travel patterns. The more restrictive the source of “the market” for users of the facility in terms of their socio-economic, ethnic or other demographic characteristics, the larger the geographical size of the area which will be required to support viable facilities. While this will be readily apparent for a business in catchment area analysis the same can be more evident in the case of, for instance, education. Using revealed and stated preference survey data from Northern Ireland and discrete choice modelling alongside GIS, this research aims to develop a range of such tools to inform policy makers on future school travel patterns in response to an ongoing programme of reforms in education and demographic change.

Supervisors Prof Malachy McEldowney & Prof Austin Smyth