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Aileen Stockdale

Research Statement

Dr Stockdale has an established research record in the areas of internal migration, migrant decision making and the consequences for donor and host communities.  She has undertaken funded projects throughout the United Kingdom.

She is currently working on a two year ESRC-funded project entitled The Retirement Transition and the Celtic Fringe: Mobility Trends and Migrant and Rural Community Wellbeing.  This research examines specifically the migration patterns, decisions and impacts of those aged over the age of 50 years in rural Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Further research interests include sustainable development and UK national parks, on which she has undertaken research in Scotland.

Examples of publications in these areas include:

Stockdale, A and Barker, A (2009) Sustainability and the Multifunctional Landscape: An Assessment of the Cairngorms National Park Authority's Approach to Planning and Management in Upland Scotland. Land Use Policy 26(2), 479-492.

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