The Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Brendan Murtagh

Authored Book(s)
Understanding the Social Economy and the Third Sector Palgrave 2009
Belfast: Segregation, Violence and the City London, Pluto Press 2006
Equity, Diversity and Interdependence - Reconnecting Governance and People through Authentic Dialogue Ashgate - Aldershot 2004
The Politics of Territory: Policy and Segregation in Northern Ireland Basingstoke, Palgrave 2002
Edited Book(s)
Planning in Ireland and beyond: Essays in Honour of JV Greer Queen's University Belfast 2005
TitleBook TitleYear
Die Grenzen der Toleranz und die Verhandlung der Differenz Entwicklungsfaktor Kultur. Studien zum kulturellen und ökonomischen Potential der europäischen Stadt 2009
Participatory citizenship through cultural dialogue Cultural Inclusion in the European City 2007
Strategic spatial planning in Northern Ireland Understanding contemporary Ireland 2007
Participatory citizenship through cultural dialogue Migration and cultural inclusion in the European city 2007
Equity, diversity and interdependence - a new driver for societal transformation Creating a culture of collaboration 2006
TitleJournal NameYear
Children, the environment and participatory planning Spandrel Vol 4 (2) (2-9)    2012
Desegregation and place restructuring in the new Belfast Urban Studies Vol XX (1-17)  DOI   2011
Skills, Conflict and Spatial Planning in Northern Ireland Planning Theory and Practice Vol 12(3) (349-365)    2011
Ethno-Religious Segregation in Post-Conflict Belfast The Built Environment Vol 37 (2) (213-225)    2011
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Regulatory Planning for Economic Development in the Countryside Town Planning Review Vol 80 (201-206)    2009
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The URBAN Community Initiative in Northern Ireland Policy and Politics Vol 29(4) (431-446)  DOI 2001
Integrated Social Housing in Northern Ireland Housing Studies Vol 16(6) (771-789)  DOI 2001
Conference Contribution(s)
Mixed Housing and Restructuring of Post-Conflict Belfast 2009
Polycentric Development, Planning and the New Europe 2008
Skills for Sustainable Communities 2008
A new driver for societal transformation: equity, diversity and interdependence 2005
The governance of local development: a comparative assessment of agaency capacity in north west Europe 2005
Exploring equity, diversity and interdependence through authentic dialogue and understanding in rural Northern Ireland 2003