The Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Dr Ruth McAreavey

Authored Book(s)
Migration to Rural and Peripheral Destinations: Transnationalism: Integration, and Acculturation on the Margins Routledge 2013
Rural Development Theory and Practice London and New York: Routledge 2009
TitleBook TitleYear
Rural governance: Participation, Power and Possibilities for Action Rural Transformations & Rural Policies in the UK and US 2011
From conflict to consensus - contesting notions of sustainable rural tourism on the island of Ireland A Living Countryside – The Politics of Sustainable Development in Rural Ireland 2009
TitleJournal NameYear
Sustainable rural tourism: lessons for rural development. Sociologia Ruralis Vol 51(2) (175-194)  DOI   2011
Research ethics committees: values and power in higher education International Journal of Social Research Methodology Vol 14(5) (175 -194)    2011
Book review Journal of Agrarian Change Vol 10(4) (596-601)    2010
Transcending cultural differences: the role of language in social integration Translocations: Migration and Social Change Vol Vol. 6 Issue 2 (596-601)    2010
Community regeneration: an elite or a ‘real’ community space? International Planning Studies Vol 14(3) (311-327)  2009
Researcher and Employee: Reflections on Reflective Practice in Rural Development Research Sociologia Ruralis Vol 48 (4) (389-407)  2008
Rural Development Group Politics. A hidden cost? EuroChoices Vol 6(1) (38-43)  DOI 2007
Sabotage and Science: Navigating Between the Disciplines International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Science Vol 1 (5) (1-13)  2007
Getting Close to the Action: The Micro-Politics of Rural Development Sociologia Ruralis Vol 46(2) (85-103)  DOI 2006
Other Output(s)
TitlePublication TypeYear
Planning Bill (papers 1- 4): Report for external body 2011
Book review Other form of assessable output 2011
Life as a Stranger Report for external body 2010
Towards a Mourne National Park? Scholarly edition 2010
Gemeinschaft und Gessellschaft Scholarly edition 2009