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Linda Price

TitleBook TitleYear
Keeping the Name on the Land: Patrilineal Succession in Northern Irish Family Farming. In M. Lobley and J. Baker (eds.) International Perspectives on Succession and Retirement on Family Farms, 2012
The Damaging Impacts of Patriarchy on UK Male Family Farms, Chapter Three Sustainable Rural Community Change: Geographical Perspectives from North America, The British Isles and Australia 2010
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TitleJournal NameYear
Rural Support Organization in the UK and Canada: Their Role in Supporting Patrilineal Family Farming Sociologia Ruralis Vol 52 (1-24)    2012
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From 'Good as Gold' to 'Gold Diggers': Farming Women and the Survival of British Family Farming Sociologia Ruralis Vol 46(4) (280-298)  DOI   2006
Conference Contribution(s)
"We just want to keep going": The Pull of the Land and Intergenerational Succession on Northern Irish Family Farms 2012
The Women's Land Army and Geographies of Gender Identity: Remembering the Impact 2012
Family Farming: Culture, Suicide and Rural Support in the UK and Canada 2011
'Blood in the Soil: The Challenges of Ageing on Family Farms - insights from the UK and Canada' 2011
The Importance of the Relationship between Personal Tutors and Tutees in Reflecting on Feedback in Level one EVP within an Embedded system of PT/PDP 2011
Pension Reform, Legal Context and Implications for Younger Women in Northern Ireland 2011
Patrilineal Family Farming: 'a way of death?' Ill-health, Suicide and the Reposnes of Rural Support Networkds in the UK and Canada 2010
Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning 2010
Theories of Embodiment, Belonging and Rural Support 2010
Farming, Belonging and the Land: Discourses of Rural Support Networks - UK and Canada 2009
Managing Divesity - UK and Canada 2009
Other Output(s)
TitlePublication TypeYear
Older Women Worders' Access to Pensions: Vulnerabilities, Perspectives and Strategies Report for external body 2012
Rural Support Networks in the UK and Canada: The Influence of the Patrilineal Culture of Family Farming Scholarly edition 2011
Exploring the Relationship between Personal Tutors and Tutees within a Mixed-Economy Model of Personal Development Planning Internet publication 2011
Gender, Historical Geographies of - Encyclopedia entry Scholarly edition 2009