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Linda Price

Research Statement


Academic Publications


Price, L. (Forthcoming) ‘Doing it with Men': Including Men in Feminist Research Practice in order to Reveal Patriarchy in UK Family Farming, Gender, Place and Culture


Price, L. and Evans, N. (2009) From Stress to Distress: Conceptualising the British Family Farming Patriarchal Way of Life, Journal of Rural Studies. 25, 1, pp. 1-11



Price, L. (2009) (forthcoming) The Damaging Impacts of Patriarchy on UK Male Family Farmers.  In ‘The Global-Rural: Rural Change, Connections and Scale', University of Eastern Washing Press, Spokane, Washington, US


Price, L. (2009) (forthcoming) Historical Geographies of Gender, European Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Elsevier


Price, L. (2006) A new Farming Subsidy? Women, Work and Family Farm Survival, Royal Agricultural Society England Journal, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, pp. 1-18


Price, L. and Evans, N. (2006) From ‘As Good as Gold' to ‘Gold Diggers': Farming Women and the Survival of British Family Farming, Sociologia Ruralis, 46, 4, pp. 280-299


Price, L. and Evans, N. (2005) Work and Worry: Revealing Farm Women's Way of Life. In Little, J. and Morris, E. (eds.) Critical Studies in Rural Gender Issues, Ashgate, Aldershot



Research Reports


Price, L., Gallagher, E. and Ritchie, H. (2008) Report on Work Phase One of the TQEF Funded Project on ‘Student Engagement and Computer Assisted Self-Assessment (CASA)', ‘A Module-Level Implementation of an Embedded model of PDP to Support and Encourage Student Engagement with the PDP Process of Structured Reflection, Planning, Action and Review', Queen's University, Belfast



Price, L. and Bell, J. (2008) ‘Discourses of Rural Support Networks in the UK and Ireland', Report for Irish Social Science Platform, Queen's University, Belfast


Journal Reviews

Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health

Sociologia Ruralis

 Journal of Rural Studies


Research Projects


(2007) QTEF - £12,000 Computer Assisted Student Assessment, Work Phase One ‘embedding personal development planning - encouraging critical, reflective learning


(2007) £200.00 Centre for Canadian Studies £200.00 - Travel Award


(2007) Centre for Excellence, Queen's - Public Health - ESRC - (overall £5,000, 000) - part of consortium of qualitative researchers.


(2008) Foundation for Canadian Studies - Partnership Development £800.00


(2008) Queen's Internationalization Fund £1,200.00


(2008) ISSP (Irish Social Science Platform) ‘Discourses of Rural Support Networks' -UK and Ireland £5,000


(2008)  Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning ‘Discourses of Rural Support Networks' - Canada £3,000


Conference Presentations


Price, L. (2007) Paper presented to XXII Congress - European Society for Rural Sociology, Wageningen, Netherlands, August, 2007 - ‘interpretive conflict in feminist research'


Price, L. (2007) Paper presented to ‘The Sixth Quadrennial Conference of British, Canadian and American Rural Geographers', July 2007, ‘The Global-Rural: Rural Change, Connections and Scale', Spokane, Washington, US - ‘Should we do it with men? Feminism, Methodology and Family Farming


Price, L. (2008) PGCHET Training Course:  Embedding Personal Development Planning in the Curriculum, Belfast, January, 2008


Price, L. (2008) ‘Managing Diversity - UK and Canada', Colloquium of Canadian Studies, University of Ulster, Jordanstown, February, 2008


Price, L. (2008) UK Planning Conference, Queen's University, Belfast, ‘Facilitating Critical and Autonomous Student-Centered Learning through the Development of an Embedded Model of Personal Development Planning; March, 2008


Public Lectures


Price, L. (2007) ‘The Heteropatriachal City and Social Geography' - Public Lecture presented at University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, November, 2008


Price, L. (2008) ‘The Context of Rural Support in the UK', Public Lecture, MacEwan Institute for Research on Family and Youth (MIRFY), Edmonton, Canada, August, 2008