The Institute of Spatial and Environmental Planning
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Urmi Sengupta

TitleBook TitleYear
Affordability and Architecture of housing development inIndia:Selling dreams or all that is real? Housing and the Urban Poor-stakeholders, Planning, sustainability 2013
Urban Development and Social Capital: Lessons from a Squatter Resettlement in Kathmandu Urban Social Capital: Civil Society and City Life 2012
A Divided City: Squatters' Struggles for Urban Space in Kathmandu Urban Navigations: Politics, Space, and the City in South Asia 2010
TitleJournal NameYear
Inclusive development? State-led land development model in New Town, Kolkata Environment and Planning C Vol April issue  2013
The Housing Triangulation: A discourse on Quality, Affordability and Lifestyles in India Open House International Vol 36 (3) (16-26)  2011
Editorial- Changing paradigms in Affordable Housing, Quality and Lifestyle Theories ( with A Salama) Open House International Vol 36 (3) (16-26)  2011
The Hindered Self-Help: Housing Policies, Politics And Poverty In Kolkata, India Habitat International Vol 34 (323-331)  2010
‘No longer Sukumbasis: Challenges in grassroots-led squatter resettlement program in Kathmandu, Nepal Habitat International Vol 33 (33-44)  2009
Performance of public sector housing in Kolkatta in the post reform milieu Urban Studies Vol 44 (2009-2027)  2007
Housing Reform in Kolkata: Changes and Challenges Housing Studies Vol 22 (965-979)  2007
The Challenge of Squatter Settlements in Kathmandu International Development Planning Review Vol 28 (105-126)  2006
Liberalisation and the privatisation and of public rental housing in Kolkata Cities Vol 23 (269-278)  2006
Government intervention in public private partnership in housing in Kolkata Habitat International Vol 30 (448-461)  2006
State’s Role in popular housing programs in Shanghai: From Enabler to Provider to Facilitator? Forum Vol 6 (52-57)  2004
Conference Contribution(s)
‘Role of studio teaching in planning curriculum- the UK context’ 2010
An analysis of trends in the Northern Ireland housing market 2008
'No more Sukumbasis: Relocation of squatters in Kathmandu with a special reference to Kirtipur Housing Project' 2007
‘A reflection on conducting fieldwork in Developing countries: Lessons from India' 2006
‘Public housing reforms in Kolkata: Past policies and current reforms' 2005
'Public private partnership in Kolkata: A commentary' 2004
‘A conflicting discourse: Dinking water supply for squatters in Kathmandu' 2003
‘Recent Changes in Urban Sector Public Housing Policies: Paradigms and Paradoxes' 2002
Other Output(s)
TitlePublication TypeYear
Performance of the Private Rental Market: Belfast Metropolitan Area July -Dec 2008 Report for external body 2009
'Housing reform in Kolkata: A zero-sum situation?', Winning essay International Essay Competition and selected for presentation Urban Planet: Collective Identities, Governance and Empowerment in Megacities Workshop organized by the Irmgard Coninx Foundation and the Social Science Research Center Berlin Scholarly edition 2008
Performance of the Private Rental Market: Belfast Metropolitan Area 2007 Report for external body 2008
Performance of the Private Rental Market: Belfast Metropolitan Area Jan -Jun 2008 Report for external body 2008
‘Government Intervention and land market in New Town, Kolkata: Emerging lessons for policymakers’, Urban Research Symposium on Urban Land use land markets, World Bank , Washington DC Scholarly edition 2007