About us

The Vision Recognised Research Group (Vision RRG) was established in September 2006 within the R&D Office (NI).

The Vision RRG consolidates a number of research themes relating to vision science that are undertaken in Northern Ireland of national and international standing.

An Executive Committee was established in September 2006 and a Constitution has been agreed. The Executive Committee was formed with an equal contribution of research active members from The University of Ulster (UU), DHSSPSNI and Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB). The Vision RRG welcomes membership applications from all vision science investigators and stake-holders in vision research from across Northern Ireland.

www.visionrrg.com  was constructed to describe the organisation, research framework, membership criteria and activities of the RRG. Vision science research in NI has a broad and firm foundation and a number of complementary strategies are employed to develop translationally relevant research. The Vision RRG will provide a mechanism to develop these research themes through its constitution and strategy supported by the R&D Office (NI).

The aims and ethos of the Vision RRG are contained in this constitution document: