Diary Dates

The Executive Committee shall meet in May, September and November, February days shall alternate between Wednesday/Thursday. Minutes of these meeting are available on request to visionrrg@qub.ac.uk.

  • Executive Committee
    • 16th September 2009
  • Extraordinary General Meeting
    • TBA
  • Conference 
    • TBA

Executive Committee Meeting (ECM).  Meetings of the Executive Committee will be held quarterly. Extraordinary meetings may be called at any time, at the discretion of the Chair. The Executive Committee will endeavour to balance the location of meetings reflecting the composition of the committee and will attempt to maintain a ratio of 2:1 for meetings between Belfast (QUB/ BHSCT) and Coleraine (UU).

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held every twelve months, organised by the Executive Committee, and at which elections shall be held. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Executive Committee at any time if the necessity arises. Their purpose is to allow the Executive Committee to inform and consult the Full members on the development of the RRG, the use of cohesion funds and the programme of scientific meetings.

The Executive must give the membership at least two weeks notice of an AGM or an EGM and its agenda.  The purpose of quarterly business meetings is to discuss the strategy and future development of the RRG.