Applications for Membership are considered at Executive Committee meetings.

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Membership Application Form can be saved from link and forwarded to

A hard signed copy of the application is also required for our records, postal address

Full Members

Will be investigators and stake-holders in vision research from across Northern Ireland and must show evidence of recent research activity.  They will be prepared to commit themselves to the aims of the Vision RRG and abide by its constitution and ethos.  Full membership will be available on a multi-disciplinary and cross-institutional basis following a successful membership application to the Vision RRG.  Full members will have full voting rights, be eligible to stand for Committee and Office bearing positions, and be eligible to apply for support from the Cohesion fund.  The expectation of Full Members is that the Vision RRG be their primary group.  Full members of other RRG's should apply for Affiliate Membership of the Vision RRG.    


Will be junior investigators who have demonstrated a potential contribution to the purposes of the RRG. Members-in-Training include PhD/MD students, junior doctors (SHO/SpR), MSc, graduate students and any other individual in a training position from other vision-based professional grouping.   They will be welcome at all full meetings of the RRG, including Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs), but will not have voting rights.  They will be eligible to apply for support from the Cohesion fund and will be supported by the Vision RRG in applications for other R&D Office funds and/or additional programmes.

Affiliate members

Affiliate members may be Full members of another RRG or other individuals who have expressed an interest in Vision research.  Their names will be maintained on a register and they will be notified of and welcome at all Vision RRG activities including workshops, away-days and speaker/seminar days. They will not have voting rights and will not be eligible to apply for support from the Cohesion Fund.  

The Honorary Secretary shall keep a register of Full Members, Members-in-Training and Affiliate Members of the Vision RRG.  Membership applications will be approved and categorised at the next meeting of the Executive Committee on the basis of a standardised application form (Appendix A) and a brief CV.

By submitting an application and obtaining membership, the successful applicant will be expected to:

    • Commit to the aims and ethos of the Vision RRG
    • Abide by the Vision RRG constitution
    • Contribute to the activities of the Vision RRG

Members may ask the Secretary to remove their name from the membership list at any time. A member may be expelled from the Vision RRG, on grounds of bringing the organisation into disrepute, by a two-thirds majority vote at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting, providing that all Full Members have been informed of the intention to do so at least 2 weeks before the meeting takes place.