Seminar 16th August 2009, 3pm - Seminar Room Ophthalmic Research Centre, RVH Site

Dr Paul Baird joined the Centre for Eye Research Australia as head of the Ocular Genetics Unit in 2000. With more than 70 published papers, Dr Baird is a leading expert in genetics in ophthalmology and vision science. Socio-economic objectives of A/Professor Baird's work include prevention and diagnostics related to genetics of complex eye diseases. His valuable research focuses on identifying disease genes and disease determinants in some of the most common eye diseases in our society. These diseases include glaucoma, macular degeneration and myopia. Dr Baird leads a group investigating the genetic basis of myopia as part of the Vision Co-operative Research Centre - the largest vision correction research centre in the world, with over 30 Australian and international partners. Findings from A/Professor Baird's research improve both services and economics of patient healthcare.


Dear All,

As you are all probably aware, and as in previous years, the Chair of the Vision RRG is required to provide an Annual Report for the R&D office. In order to complete this document each Full Member of the Vision RRG needs to provide me with details of activity between July 1st 2008 and June 30th 2009. Please email this information to Rosie Kearney at before 30th September 2009 .