Details of R&D Funded Projects

RRG 4.34 – RRG/2585/03  - PI Dr Tim Curtis
Advanced lipoxidation end-products and the pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy
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RRG 4.41 – RRG/3281/05 - PI Miss G Silvestri
Is age-related macular degeneration less common in light-protected populations?
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RRG 4.43 – RRG/3237/05 - PI Dr David Simpson
Genetic and phenotypic characterisation of retinal dystrophy patients in NI.



RRG 4.4 RSG/1350/00 - PI Prof A J Jackson
To evaluate the impact of visual impairment and a variety of rehabilitation strategies on visually impaired adults and children in Northern Ireland.

 RRG 4.46 – RRG/3240/05 - PI Mr Colin E Willoughby
Molecular dissection of sporadic and familial keratoconus in Northern Ireland
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RRG 4.5 – RRG/1351/00 - PI Miss G Silvestri
The study of inherited ophthalmic disorders 
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RRG 4.6 - RRG/1367/00 - PI Prof A Stitt
An investigation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms leading to vascular cell
dysfunction during diabetic retinopathy