Hazardous Waste Classification Tool

The aim of the Northern Ireland Waste Management Strategy is to move waste management away from landfill and towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.  This includes the target that ‘75% of Construction, Demolition and Excavation (CDE) wastes are to be recycled or reused by the year 2020’.  It is believed that within the next two years the Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland will implement this strategy by requiring Site Waste Management Plans to be drawn up for construction projects costing more than £300,000.

The aim of this research is to develop a tool, which would correctly classify CDE wastes allowing efficient use of the Waste Hierarchy at the design stage of civil engineering projects.  If potential waste production and classification is considered at the design stage of a construction project, the sustainable strategies of waste minimisation and reuse/recycling of materials become enshrined in the project.
This research project aims to develop a simple decision making tool that helps the end user classify potential wastes based on the European Waste Catalogue.  The tool will eliminate error in waste classification and identify the best process to manage waste.  The tool will also reduce the time taken to classify waste as it will be simple to use and eliminates the need to refer to the numerous documents routinely used to classify waste.  As the tool is simple to use and requires minimum knowledge it can be used by all stakeholders involved in the construction process from design to project completion.

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