Research Contacts

Listed below are staff from within Queen's University Belfast, who are undertaking research in the field of sustainable development or are addressing elements of the topic (such as improving resource efficiency, reducing pollution risk, developing new techniques for remediating contaminated land, improving environmental or functional performance or researching environmental law etc) along with a brief summary of their research interests. 

Further details of their research can be accessed by clicking on the staff name, which links to each individuals staff homepage.  If you know of any other staff members who wish to be listed on this page, please send details to Siobhan Cox ( ).



Professor Trevor Whittaker ( )
Research interests include ocean renewable energies, wave mechanics and coastal processes and wash from high speed ships.

Dr Rory Doherty ( )
Research interests include: contaminated land remediation design and technology (sustainable remediation technologies, PRBs, ex-situ chemical oxidation methods); site investigation (real time data acquisition and modelling, correct sampling and decision making, sampling theories, large scale sampling); contaminant biogeochemistry (microbial architecture of contaminant plumes); biogeophysics (optimise/monitor insitu remediation of groundwater, monitoring of subsurface microbial environments); hazardous waste (landfill remediation or decision making tools at the design stage).

Dr Ray Flynn   (
Dr Flynn’s research examines groundwater and the role that hydrological and hydrogeological processes play in influencing the health of the wider environment.

Dr Luc Rock  ( )
Luc's research interests lie in applying the principles of isotope geochemistry to study the origin and fate of compounds within the environment, in order to address issues such as water quality, water quantity and greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Neil Ogle ( )
Laboratory Manager for the Stable Isotope Facility (SIF).

Professor Muhammed Basheer ( )
Director of the Centre for Built Environment Research. Main research area is Structural Materials including: Durability and Transport Mechanisms of Structural Materials, Non-destructive testing, Structural Monitoring and Sustainable development.

Professor Adrian Long ( )
Research includes ultimate strength of slab/column structures and bridge decks, in-situ testing of concrete, concrete durability, fibre optic sensors and pre-cast concrete arches.

Dr Su Taylor ( )
Research includes structural and bridge engineering, advance composites for construction and use of sensor systems for construction and structural health monitoring of bridge structures.

Dr Carolyn Hayles ( )
Carolyn's  research is in sustainable strategies in design and construction including decision making for sustainable development; particularly issues surrounding the provision of sustainable and affordable housing; low carbon building; and the use of renewable energy.  Carolyn is also involved in teaching and learning research, in particular ‘Education for Sustainable Development' and the embedding of sustainability teaching in built environment curriculum.

Dr. Karim Hadjri  ( )
Management tools of sustainable communities

Mr Lukumon Oyedele  ( )
Main research areas include construction management and building performance.

Professor Frank Gaffikin ( )
Extensive research background which includes: planning in contested space, the university as an urban institution, and participatory integrated planning and new governance.

Professor Malachy McEldowney  ( )
Main research interests are in the fields of urban design, conservation and planning practice. This includes public participation within the planning process.

Dr Geraint Ellis  ( )
Research areas include spatial planning and sustainability, with a particular emphasis on environmental governance, renewable energy, and environmental justice and equality issues in planning.

Dr Brendan Murtagh ( )
Research areas include: urban regeneration and neighbourhood renewal; planning and ethnic-religious conflict; community development and participation; urban policy and the EU; and policy evaluation.

Dr Stephen McKay  ( )
Main research areas include planning law and planning practice and procedure, specifically regulatory compliance and planning enforcement law.

Dr Michael Murray ( )
Research areas include comparative rural planning and development in Ireland, multi-level strategic spatial planning and equality and social inclusion.


Professor Valerie Hall ( )
Director of the Environmental Change research cluster. Environmental change research includes quaternary tephrochronological research in Greenland, New Zealand, China and Ireland.



Prof Frank Figge ( )
Corporate Social Responsibility; Sustainable Business; Sustainable Finance and Valuation; Social and Environmental Accounting; Stakeholder Management; The Economics and Management of Diversity.

Dr Shirley-Ann Hazlett ( )
Organisational change particularly in the public sector; Corporate Social Responsibility; Business Ethics.

Dr Diane Holt ( )
Green supply chain management; Ecopreneurship and social enterprise; Environmental education; International environmental management; Role of ‘interpretation’ in promoting sustainable practices; Environmental management practices in the retail sector; Fair-trade and food miles.

Ralf Barkemeyer ( )
Corporate social responsibility and international development;(Corporate) Social and environmental policy; National capacity for environmental policy; Value-based measuring; Managing corporate sustainability.

Dr Herb Castillo (

Corporate sustainability management; sustainability assessment; sustainability indicators; benefits of sustainable business; sustainability and change management; carbon footprinting; sustainable transport; sustainable built environments.


Dr John Barry ( )
Relationship between moral/political theory and the environment, with a specific focus on:  eco-feminism, green theory and justice and green theory and the political economy; How risk is perceived for developments such as wind farms.

Dr. Darren McCauley (
Multi-level sustainable policy-making; low carbon politics; the politics of nuclear energy; environmental policy and social movements; sustainable governance; Europeanization; European comparative politics; French politics and society.


Professor Sharon Turner ( )
EU environmental law including: Implementation processes; Environmental governance (particularly the Irish experience (North and South)); Environmental regulation; Environmental justice.

Dr Dieter Pesendorfer ( )
(Risk) regulation; Governance; Sustainable development; European I and Europeanization; Political economy; Policy analysis, particularly in relation to environmental politics and policy.

Dr Brian Jack ( )
European Union Law, particularly in relation to Agriculture, Environmental Law and Rural Law.

Dr Peter Doran ( )
Sustainable development and governance; Green political economy (including sustainable consumption and production); Global environmental politics; Climate change politics.

Professor John Morison ( )
Research includes Democracy, Environmental Justice and Globalisation.



Professor George Hutchinson ( )
Chair of Rural & Environmental Economics at the Institute of Agri-Food & Land Use. Main research areas include Discrete Choice Contingent Valuation and Choice Modelling; two methods used in environmental, health and safety economics.

Dr Alberto Longo ( )
Research focuses on cost benefit analysis and non-market valuation techniques applied to land use, cultural heritage, energy, transport, and biodiversity.

Dr Keith Farnsworth (
Research involves the application of ecological theory to practical problems of real-life importance.  A major part of this work is now devoted to the Irish Government's Beaufort Marine research project: An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management.  Other research interests include projects on problems in community ecology such as invasive species and community approaches to pests and also on objective value, especially of biodiversity, and previous work on grassland herbivores (for example in the Serengeti Mara).