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About us

The Centre for Documentary Research at QUB was launched on April 4th 2017. It is an initiative that offers a space to debate issues and organise activities around the study and practice of documentary film. Our team in interdisciplinary, with interests in Film, Languages, English and History. We are scholars, students, curators and practitioners of documentary film, with interests including mental health, conflict, experimental film, Brazilian protest films, new media and interactivity. We intend to run workshops, screenings, seminars, and conferences; contribute to publications; and, of course, make documentary films.


Who we are

Collaborations and links

 We have already established collaborative relationships with local and international groups:

Examples of Recent Events

‘Citizenship and Surveillance: the Camera as Witness, 2017, a one day international conference, in collaboration with the Documentary Film Institute, State University of San Francisco.

Picture: Participants at the ‘Camera as Witness’ conference (2017).


Residency for Brazilian documentary filmmaker Maria Augusta Ramos (2017)

Picture: Still from Maria Augusta Ramos’s Morro Dos Prazeres (2014)


Discussion after a screening of the film Armagh Stories: Voices from the Gaol at Market House Theatre, Armagh, 2019. See


Talk: Dr Erika Balsom, Kings College London (QFT, 2020) 'Wang Bing’s 15 Hours and the Chimera of Endlessness'

Picture: Still from Wang Bing’s 15 Hours and the Chimera of Endlessness

A Selection of Recent Outputs

It Stays With You: Use of Force by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti (2018)

Funded by the AHRC, this interdisciplinary film uses participatory practices to provide a platform to those whose loved ones were killed by peacekeeping missions during 2004-7). Awarded ‘Best Director’ by Respect Human Rights Film Festival. See


‘The Water Tower’, (2018) Elspeth Vischer.

A portrait of traveller, motorcyclist and architect, Elspeth Beard. Selected for Film Devour as part of Belfast Film Festival (2019), Women Over 50 Film Festival, Lewes ( 2019), and WANDA Feminism and Moving Image Festival, The MAC, Belfast (2019).

Hydebank Ross McClean (2019)

Hydebank was part of the 'Made in Northern Ireland' spotlight for Hot Docs in Canada:


Mental Abuse Matters (2019). Animation and website by Lucy Baxter.

Lucy's 'Conversation' article is available at and the film on the QFT iplayer at


All That is Solid Melts Into Air, 2019

Don Duncan presents a documentary/live performance at the HearSay Festival, Belfast.


Frank Delaney’s The Whistleblower (2020) won the new York Radio Awards Silver Media Human Rights Category and on Amnesty International Global Media Awards Shortlist.


Journals of Interest

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