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The achievements of  CEIPE projects have been recognised both nationally and internationaly. Since 2005, staff have participated and led many workshop events and presented papers at conferences. For example, Dr John Johnston, the specialist education researcher presented a paper on 'Researching learner teacher interaction in medical and healthcare education; lessons for interprofessional education at the ASME 'Researching Medical Education conference in London in November 2009. CEIPE was shortlisted for the Nursing  Patient Safety Award 2009. Dr. Marian Traynor and a nursing colleague gave a presentation to an expert judging panel in London on 4 December 2009.

2009 Queen's University Teaching Award

Mrs P Morrow and Team, School of Nursing and Midwifery

This award was made to a highly-committed team of educators who developed an innovative approach to teaching nursing and medical students in interprofessional groups, simulating a real life medical emergency, through the use of SimBaby. The students are provided with very valuable practical experience in a controlled environment. The team was commended for encouraging students to develop self awareness, critical thinking skills and the ability to be reflective across professions. Watch a video overview of the team's work (wmv)

Creative Dance Photographic Exhibition

Dancers with disabilities working with Queen's students

The Levels exhibition tells the story of the creative dance project which was part of the Arts in Health interprofessional programme at Queen’s where medical, social work and film studies students got a better understanding of working with people with severe brain injury, and physical and learning disabilities. The exhibition, displayed in the Naughton Galley, consisted of black and white images exploring what it is like to life with disabilities and mental health difficulties. The activities took place in the Knockbracken Healthcare Park over a period of a year in collaboration with Jenny Elliot, Arts Care dancer at Belfast Health Care Trust.

Levels Exhibition Opening in Belfast

Exhibition Opening Exhibition Opening

Levels Exhibition Event Opening in Derry

Exhibition Opening in Derry

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