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CEIPE aimed to develop research-informed opportunities for healthcare students to learn together so that they could understand more about the roles and responsibilities of the health professionals they will work with in future. The main focus was on enhancing teamwork and communication skills, promoting collaborative practice and ultimately improving patient care. CEIPE also aimed to enhance understanding of learner-teacher interaction in order to inform Interprofessional curriculum development.

CEIPE projects focussed on the following areas:

  • Human Patient Simulation
  • Simulation using Simbaby
  • Drug Prescribing and Administration in Paediatrics
  • Medicines Governance
  • Nutrition and Older people
  • Feeding and Nutrition in Infants and Children
  • Dentistry and the Dental Team
  • Arts in Health: Mental Health Project & Shades of Mental Health
  • Healthy Urban Planning
  • Studying and Learning Preferences Inventory (SALPI)
  • Recording Learner-Teacher Interaction

These projects established aimed to achieve the following objectives:

Phase 1: Research, Development and Evaluation

  1. To identify areas within the curricula of healthcare and other academic disciplines, in both the classroom and on placement, in which to implement future IPE programmes.
  2. To develop, trial and evaluate a number of research instruments to facilitate the advancement of Interprofessional curricula and assessment procedures.
  3. To review and evaluate activities undertaken during Phase 1.
  4. To provide workshops for Phase 1 staff, students and other relevant groups as appropriate.

Phase 2: Implementation, Management Evaluation and Dissemination

  1. To implement, manage and evaluate Interprofessional classroom and placement learning programmes and appropriate assessment methods.

Contact Information

Centre for Excellence in Interprofessional Education
Queen's University Belfast
School of Dentistry
Grosvenor Road
Belfast BT12 6BP

Tel: 028 9063 5313

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