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Dentistry & The Dental Team

Project Leader: Dr. Sue Morison

Developing effective teamworking skills is an essential requirement for all dental and dental care professional (DCP) students. Several projects were developed in Dentistry to explore this important area.

The CEIPE research team developed a study to investigate the attitudes of dental and DCP students to interprofessional education and to identify some of the barriers to developing programmes for these students (see publications below). This study was intended to help kick-start a series of workshops for QUB students to help improve team work and team relationships.

Dr Sue Morison, Jane Rosenthal & Professor Donald Burden

The aim of the first workshop was to explore issues of prejudice in professional education and practice and its relevance to future developments in shared learning. The workshop was held at the Royal Victoria Hospital and provided the opportunity for the student dental nurses from BIHFE, dental hygiene, dental technology and dental students to meet and discuss their attitudes to, and understanding of, dental teamwork.

Mr Stephen Hancocks, Editor-in-Chief of the British Dental Journal conducted the workshop which was also attended by Dr Jane Rosenthal from New York University College of Dentistry.

Interprofessional learning for dental, dental hygiene and dental technology students has been introduced into the first year programme. Students meet together early in Semester One to discuss their chosen courses and to get-to-know one another. They then work together in the Clinical Techniques Laboratory and in the Technicians’ Laboratory to enhance their understanding of dental teamworking as well as basic clinical practice.

Interprofessional resources (see below) have also been developed as part of the education programme of the Hygiene students but which aids the interprofessional understanding of dental and dental technology students.
Developing the skills of Dental students.
Developing the skills of Dental students.
Developing the skills of Dental students.
Developing the skills of Dental students.
Developing the skills of Dental students.




Podcasts produced by dental hygiene students as part of their Diploma assessment



The provision of dental hygiene care for the homeless community in NI and their oral health status (mp3, 142MB)


The oral health effects of childhood paediatric leukaemia in children aged 2 to 18 years and the role of dental hygienists in the prevention and management of complications (mp3, 16.8MB)


The relationship between cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease (mp3, 13.9MB)


Non-surgical periodontal treatment and glycaemic control (mp3, 15MB)



Drug-induced gingival overgrowth and the role of the dental hygienist (mp3, 9.09MB)


The effects of asthma and its medication on oral health and the role of the dental hygienist in making patients aware of oral helath problems related to asthma (mp3, 9.36MB)


Bisphosphonate associated osteonecrosis of the jaw, prevention, management and the dental hygienist's role (mp3, 9.36MB)


Obesity and periodontal disease (mp3, 10.6MB)


Oral health status of demented patients (mp3, 15MB)




Oral health status of male prisoners and role of the dental hygienists in prison (mp3, 10.32MB)

Raising awareness of the negative effects of oral contraception in the oral cavity for patients (mp3, 5.14MB)

Management & Diagnosis of Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitis (mp3, 7.98MB)

Information on the management of dry mouth for carers of elderly people (mp3, 6.67MB)



Dental management of HIV+ patients (mp3, 5MB)

Is diabetes and periodontal disease bi-directional and what is the dental hygienist's role in management (mp3, 5MB)

Looking after your implant (mp3, 7MB)

Management of patients with head and neck radiation therapy (mp3, 6.2MB)

Management of patients with coronary heart disease (mp3, 2.74MB)




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Morison, S. Marley, J. Stevenson, M. and Milner, S. (2008) 'Preparing for the dental team: investigating the views of dental and dental care professional students'. European Journal of Dental Education, Vol 12, no. 1. | View Article

Conference Contributions

Morison, S (2009) 'Learning and Working Together: Interprofessional Development in Dentistry in the UK'. Paper Presented at the American Dental Education Association conference. Phoenix, Arizona. March.

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