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Human Patient Simulation

Project Leader: Dr. Marian Traynor

The Human Patient Simulator represents advanced technology designed to mimic a "real patient" and in doing so adds to the authenticity of the learning experience.

Following a successful pilot involving nursing students, a multidisciplinary team of medical educators and nurse educators worked together to develop a set of case scenarios for interprofessional learning. Nursing and medical students worked together on these scenarios, which included, for example, caring for a patient with acute chest pain, head injury or breathing difficulties. The technology allowed the lecturer to role play the scenario in response to the students' actions; all of this activity takes place behind a one way mirror and provides the teaching team with the opportunity to observe and monitor the students response to the specific scenarios.

During the scenarios the students also had access to patient notes and a telephone to enable them to communicate with other members of the clinical team or relatives.

Human Patient Simulation
Human Patient Simulation


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Conference Contributions

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Queen's University Belfast
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Tel: 028 9063 5313

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