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Simulation using SimBaby

Project Leader: Dr Moria Stewart

SimBaby is an Interprofessional teaching and learning workshop using high-fidelity simulation. The workshop has facilitated the teaching and assessment of clinical competencies, teamworking and communication skills among undergraduate medical and nursing students.

Working in Interprofessional teams, students were presented with clinical scenarios on the high-fidelity paediatric simulator. The successful management of these clinical problems required students to deploy their core knowledge and skills in assessing and treating common paediatric emergencies.  It has also required them to demonstrate teamworking, mutual respect and understanding of the role of other professional colleagues. Debriefing sessions facilitated by experts have provided feedback to the students on their clinical decisions and actions, and on their interprofessional management of the scenario.

Following positive student evaluation, the workshop is now offered to all Year 4 paediatric medical students and Year 3 children’s nursing students. Simbaby workshops have also provided the opportunity to train the team of junior doctors and nurse educators in the use of high fidelity simulation and in managing debriefing and feedback sessions with students. Building on this success, provision is also being made for dental and dental care students to learn together in community dental clinics and appropriate clinical areas within the School of Dentistry.

‘Using SimBaby can transfer knowledge from scenarios to real-life situations. It made me aware of my lack of knowledge and encouraged me to consider real-life situations

‘Useful for teamworking and understanding who needs to do what before the other professional can fulfil their role, e.g. prescribing and administering’

Medical students

I think medical students often have a naive preconceived attitude that they are superior to the more experienced nursing students, so are less likely to acknowledge opinions of the nursing students in these scenarios’

Nursing student

The Simbaby team has participated in a number of prominent workshops and events. In September 2006, they hosted a Higher Education Academy-funded workshop to develop interprofessional case based learning materials. They facilitated a national workshop funded by MEDEV, the HEA’s Subject Centre, initially in October, 2007 and at MEDEV’s request, it was held again in May, 2008.

SimBaby has been used to teach and assess medical and nursing students.
SimBaby has been used to teach and assess medical and nursing students.
SimBaby has been used to teach and assess medical and nursing students.
SimBaby has been used to teach and assess medical and nursing students.
SimBaby has been used to teach and assess medical and nursing students.


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