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Teaching Resources

Study packs have been developed for the following projects and these can be accessed from the respective project page:

An online workshop has been developed for Learner-Teacher Interaction.

Professional Identity


Morison, S. and O’Boyle A. (2007) Developing professional identity: a study of the perceptions of first year nursing, medical, dental and pharmacy students  In Callarra L (ed) Nursing Education Challenges in the 21st Century. New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Morison, S and Stewart M. (2009) Developing effective teams and protecting the vulnerable: an  interprofessional journey.  In Moran J.E and Anderson B.M. (eds) Outsourcing, Team Work and Business Management. New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc.

Interprofessional Education

Conference Contributions

Morison, S., & Stewert, M. (2006) 'Assessment in interprofessional education' Paper presented at the ‘Altogether Better Health III’ conference at Imperial College, 10th-12th April. London. | View Article

Morison, S. (2006) 'Making a greater difference: Connecting to Transformational Agendas. Paper presented at the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) Conference. Washington DC. 9th-12th  November.

O'Boyle, A. (2006) 'New approaches to Learning in Higher Education in the U.K'. Paper presented at the International Conference - European Higher Education Institutions In the 21st Century: What Prospects?  European Public Law Centre, Athens. February 10th-11th.

Book Reviews

Morison, S. (2006) Review of the book Effective Interprofessional Education: Argument, Assumption and Evidence. Learning in Health and Social Care. Vol. 5, No. 3, 166-167 | View review online

Stewart, M. (2006) Review of the book Effective Interprofessional Education:  Development, Delivery and Evaluation.  Learning in Health and Social Care, 5, 3, 167-167 | View review online


O’Boyle, A. Morison, S and Johnston, J. (Forthcoming) 'Using reflexivity in the intricate inquiry of interprofessional education'.  Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

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