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Netskills Seminar

Netskills Seminar: "Supporting Researcher Engagement With Social Tools"

In this seminar, Alan Cann of the University of Leicester considers the potential of social tools for researchers, based on both his own extensive experience and those of researchers interviewed as part of a study for the publication "Social Media: a guide for researchers."

Find out more about Dr Alan Cann's seminar here.

Sometimes dismissed as trivial or irrelevant, Alan argues that social tools actually offer researchers an opportunity to improve the quality of their work through an enhanced ability to find, use and disseminate information. He considers how personal networks can help create, curate, filter and amplify relevant information as part of the research process.

He goes on to explore issues of privacy, barriers to contribution and personal and professional identity. He also recognises that there is no right way to do social media and that everyone has a different 'galaxy' of tools that they use in different ways for a different experience. As a result, finding the value in social tools can take time and commitment without necessarily providing an obvious immediate payback. The key is to recognise this and lead people towards their own lightbulb moment.

Key points covered:

A galaxy of social tools for researchers
Resisting techno-determinism
Visitors and residents revisited for researchers
Information overload, filter failure and filter bubbles
Personal networks - filter, create, curate & amplify

Find out more about Dr Alan Cann's seminar here.

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