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Professional and Personal Development

What is available?

  1. Annual programme of courses and workshops
  2. Planning your development
  3. The Enhancing Research Practice Programme
  4. Financial Support

Courses and workshops

The Staff Training and Development Unit offers a range of courses and workshops for research staff.  We suggest that you spend time planning your professional development activity as your needs will change as you gain more experience of working in the research environment.  Therefore as a guide we have listed the courses and workshops by year of employment as a researcher.

Also, please have a look at the full Staff Training and Development Programme for the wide-range of development activities provided for university staff.

Research Writing Retreats

Over the past four years the Staff Training and Development Unit has organised the Queen’s Writing for Publication workshops, facilitated by Dr Dan Soule.  As a further way to encourage Queen’s researchers to spend time developing their writing a number of Researcher Writing Retreats have been held, with further retreats taking place in January and June 2016.  Read more ...

Effective Researcher Programme Years 1 - 6


Planning your development

In order to focus on what is most important to you, you should spend time planning your development activitiy at Queen's.  This is part of the annual Appraisal Process, which includes a section on development planning.  However, you should also discuss this with your colleagues and you can make use of the Researcher Development Framework to help inform your discussions.

Vitae information on the RDF

The Enhancing Research Practice Programme

 Enhancing Research Practice Programme (ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management)

 Programme Overview

Application Form

Do you want to enhance your research practice and plan your career and professional development?  Participating in the Enhancing Research Practice Programme will support you to do so.

A series of events designed for researchers - Networking with researchers from across Queen's


Core Course
Introductory Session
Planning your Research Career
The Leading Researcher
Presentation Skills for Researchers
Writing Projects 

Queen's Writing for Publication Series - 3 workshops (21 hrs)

Workshop 1: Effective Teamworking  
Workshop 2:  Project Planning and Time Management  
Workshop 3: Creative Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making  


Fellowship writing sessions will be available to those from Schools who are collaborating with staff development on their delivery

As a researcher at Queen’s you know that it is important that you have the ability to perform many different tasks.  Over time you will have learnt and developed the knowledge and skills to effectively undertake these tasks.  Also, you will understand that it is essential to your own career and professional progress that you continue to develop these and new skills and abilities.  To assist you to continue developing the University provides you with a range of resources.  Many of these are school-based activity but there are also opportunities to meet with researchers from across the University to develop your skills.

The Staff Training and Development Unit provides a range of development activities.  One of these is a structured programme of events for research staff, which aims to provide development activity to enhance your research practice.  The Enhancing Research Practice Programme will support you to achieve your development aspirations and to advance your professional practice.  This programme compliments and is part of the wider programme of activity for Queen’s research staff. 

There are two elements to the Enhancing Research Practice Programme; a group of core workshops, alongside two optional training pathways.  It is intended that participants will attend 6 core workshops in addition to taking either the writing or presenting pathways.  As the programme draws upon existing Queen’s Staff Development workshops, it will be possible to claim credit for any of the workshops that the participants have already undertaken.  To receive your certificate of completion you must attend the Final Event, at which participants either give a short talk or provide a short piece of writing about their research.

All the workshops are self-contained and with the exception of the introductory session can be taken in any order.  Participants should complete the programme within one academic year.  However, depending on work commitments the programme can be completed over two academic years.

If you are interested in participating in this programme please complete the application form.  If you wish to find out more contact Paul Monahan, or ext.6632.  The Enhancing Research Practice (ILM) course is now full.

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.” Albert Einstein

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