Centre for Translation and Interpreting


Who we are


Professor David Johnston
Theatre, 20th Century Philosophy, Hermeneutics

Dr Piotr Blumczynski
Linguistics, Ideology, Sacred Texts

Dr Sue-Ann Harding
Travel Writing, Narrative, Identity

Dr Sarah Eardley-Weaver
Accessibility, Opera, Touch Tours

Dr Neil Sadler
Social media, Non-Professional Translation, Translation in the Arab World

PhD Researchers

Sharon Black
audiovisual translation, cognitive translation studies, eye tracking, reception, subtitling

Sally Gillespie
Deaf, British Sign Language, sign language interpreting, demographics, GIS

Mohammad Aldal’in
decision making, think-aloud protocols, translation process, anxiety, Joseph Conrad

Catherine Coffey
medieval, mysticism, unio mystica, reception, gender

Chris Gordon
translation risk, uncertainty, stakeholders, risk management

Caleb Keown
sport, football, migration, nationalism, encounter

Hong Li
theatre, Peking Opera, alterity, adaption, performance

Luchen Li
audiovisual translation, documentary film, culture-bound references, intercultural communication, translation commentary

Yangyang Long
recognition, theatre, the Other, China, resistance

Sarah McDonagh
audiovisual translation, accessibility, paralanguage, reception, audio description

Jie Wang
translator training, ethics, curriculum development, EMT, theory and practice

Yan Wang
Dostoevsky, novel to film, adaption, Russian literature, cultural reception

Xiaomin Liu
Platform Sutra, Chan/Zen Buddhism, Western reconfiguration of Chan/Zen, cultural voyage, world religion

Binglu Xu
Hong Lou Meng, fidelity, beauty, culture, aesthetics

Ruqaya al-Taie
rhetoric, Arabic rhetoric, translating rhetoric, rhetorical devices, English rhetoric

Ewa Watson
access to justice, revision of law, foreign evidence, court interpreting, intervention 'from below'

Carolina Espinoza Márquez
translation, English for research publication purposes, epistemicide, centre and periphery, multilingual scholars

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