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Charlie Rogan


Charlie Rogan, MEng

Past pupil of Banbridge Academy

Graduated from Queen's University in 2009 with a masters in civil engineering

Recieved a Hugh Turtle prize for dissertation on the influence of bubble aerators on mixing in stratified flows.

Started a PhD program in 2009.  Currently investigating the influence of flow velocities on mixing across the interface in density stratified co flow fluid systems, such as an estuary during an ebb tide. Designed an experimental program to physically model the behaviour of such a system, which was carried out in the flume tank in Queen's University Hydraulics laboratory.  Density differences were induced by creating a layer of fresh water overlying one of salt water.  Density and velocity distributions in the flow were measured using a combined LIF and PIV system, which records images of the flow in a two dimensional plane illuminated by a laser sheet.  Results will be analysed to determine the non-dimensional entrainment rates, and gradient and bulk Richardson numbers of the flow.

Publications: The Influence of Overflow Velocity on a Stratified Co-Flow System, paper presented to the 21st International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference, 19 - 24 July 2011 in Mauii, Hawaii.

Interests include rugby and driven pheasant shooting.