Environmental Engineering Research Centre
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Darragh Clabby

Name: Darragh Clabby


Title: Research Assistant/PhD Candidate



·         BE (First Class Honours), Mechanical Engineering, 2006, UCD

·         MEngSc, Thesis Title: ‘Design and Commissioning of the Control System for an Artificial Sky’ http://erg.ucd.ie/UCDERG/sky_project.html, 2009, UCD


PhD Title: Correlation of the Performance of Oyster with its Physical and Numerical Models


PhD Description:


The Oyster1 prototype was deployed at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), Orkney by Aquamarine Power Ltd. in August 2009. It represents the first full scale deployment of a grid connected Oscillating Wave Surge Converter, a Wave Energy Converter concept developed by the Marine Energy Research Group at Queen’s University Belfast.


The objective of this research is to compare the hydrodynamic performance of the Oyster1 prototype to the physical and numerical modelling techniques used in its design. Such comparison provides the opportunity to establish the level of confidence that may be placed in the predictions of energy production provided by the models.


The sensitivity of the device’s performance to the hydrostatic, hydrodynamic, wave excitation, and power take-off dynamic components is investigated using physical and numerical models. The results of this investigation are used to inform the modelling of particular prototype data sets. The level of agreement between the performance predicted by the models and the performance achieved by the prototype is then compared.