Environmental Engineering Research Centre
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering

Juliana Haji Zaini


The stress regime in unsaturated compacted clays

Supervisors: Dr V. Sivakumar (Primary), Dr David Hughes (Secondary)

I am a B.Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering graduate from Queen’s University of Belfast. I am currently in my third year of doctoral degree at Queen’s University of Belfast, specializing in Geotechnical Engineering. My current research seeks to assess the performance of fine-grained soil structure subjected to saturation that has several implications for sustainable development. Through my undergraduate studies, I have gained a detailed understanding of construction design and its vast applications. During my postgraduate research, I undertook the role of teaching assistant at a tertiary level. This opportunity has helped me to enhance my teaching experience via interaction and discussions with students at various undergraduate levels. I am also an active member within the School of Planning and Civil Engineering QUB and act as a postgraduate representative for the Brunei student population. I take an active interest and participate in seminars and conferences to broaden my knowledge. I have carried out cluster presentations on my research, and had the opportunity to share knowledge with colleagues at all levels. During my undergraduate, I won two awards, the ‘ICE N.I Geotechnics Award’ and ‘The Hugh Turtle Prize in Civil Engineering’ both presented in 2009. I have also had the opportunity to publish my undergraduate project in Géotechnique: ‘Effectiveness of filters in reducing consolidation time in routine laboratory testing’, which is one of the top journals published by ICE in 2010.

Published paper:

Journal article: Sivakumar, V., Mackinnon, P., Zaini, J., Cairns, P. (2010) Effectiveness of filters in reducing consolidation time in routine laboratory testing. Géotechnique, 60(12), 949-956.  Link to Paper    

2011 Seminar The Stress Regime in Unconsolidated Compacted Clays