Environmental Engineering Research Centre
School of Planning, Architecture and Civil Engineering


The Groundwater group has secured key funding for 2007-2015 of over £3 000 000

In line with the previous SPACE Strategy (2008) to become a Centre of Excellence for Groundwater research in Ireland and with a major Griffith Geoscience Research Programme awarded in 2007 (covering staff costs over 7 years), Groundwater Group research at present has focussed on leveraging into those areas where funding recently has become available, namely:

·        Hydrological contaminant pathways – funded directly by the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) STRIVE programme (an overall 2M euros. programme in collaboration with UCD and Trinity College, Dublin, and as part of an existing university agreement to support collaboration with these institutions);

·        Fractured Rock/Poorly Productive Aquifer Hydrogeology – funded by the Griffith Programme;

·        Wetland Hydrology and Hydrogeology – funded by Irish National Parks and Wildlife Service is being used to promote collaboration with the Dutch National Parks & Wildlife Service, NIEA, and universities in Ireland and Canada.