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Neil Dickson


Integration of Multi-Scale Hydrogeophysical Data into Numerical Groundwater Flow Models


I obtained my B.Sc. with a 2.1 at Queen’s University in June 2010 during which I developed my interest in geology and geomorphology. For my undergraduate dissertation the work involved a trip to Iceland where rockslides were measured using a differential GPS to determine their contribution to the denudation of a particular upland area. This spurred my interest of further research and I obtained my M.Sc. in Heritage Science with distinction in December 2011 again from Queen’s University. Work from this time included using facilities at GSNI to present a presentation regarding slope analysis at Minnis North along the North Coast using a GIS and LiDAR data. This can be used alongside the magnitude-frequency concept to better understand this area and aid management. I also undertook a placement with the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust and investigated radiometric signals in relation to peat coverage. I went on to work with the trust during my thesis and produced a feasibility study regarding the creation of a Geopark along the North Coast.

The skills obtained and the interest that had grown over the years in my initial degrees lead me to pursue a Ph.D. with the one being undertaken, being the obvious decision. In the incoming years I will be upscaling small scale data to a regional scale and extrapolating 2D hydrogeophysical data into 3D using GIS, geostatistics and numerical modelling.

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