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Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee meet once a year, in January.  Minutes of these meetings are available on request.

Current committee members are: 

Dr Stan Craig

Dr Cliona Cummings (Chairperson)

Dr Brid Farrell

Dr Anna Gavin (Acting Chief Investigator)

Dr Guiomar Garcia Jalon (Acting Manager)

Ms Dawn Harbinson

Dr James Hughes

Dr Jayne Larkin

Dr Gerry Mackin

Dr Jarleth McAloon

Ms Alix McDowell

Dr Mairead McGinn

Dr Oliver Perra

Dr Mary Jane Platt

Mrs Eileen Thomson

Contact Information

Northern Ireland Cerebral Palsy Register
Room 1.36
Mulhouse Building
Queen’s University Belfast
Grosvenor Road
Belfast BT12 6DP

Telephone: 028 9063 5045

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