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Data we collect

The N. Ireland Cancer Registry provides population based information on cancer and pre-malignant conditions occurring in Northern Ireland.  These data:

A)  Help develop

  1. Education programmes,
  2. Cancer Health Policy. UK Public Health Policies relating to cancer,
  3. NI Health Policies on cancer.

B)  Train professionals e.g. nurses, medical students, post graduates.

C)  Monitor public health in relation to cancer

  1. Trends in cancer incidence and mortality over time,
  2. Survival from cancer,
  3. Investigation of alleged cancer clusters – we answer queries such as is there more cancer in my town, street, area than we would expect See Cranlome Report,
  4. How do cancer levels and survival in N. Ireland compare with other countries? International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership and EUROCARE.

D)  Evaluate and measure how cancer services are delivered

  1. Working with clinicians through the audit of cancer services. See reports covering Breast, Oesophagus and Stomach, Prostate, Ovary and Cervix, Lung, Thyroid, Pancreas, Melanoma, Leukaemia and Lymphoma and Colorectal cancers.

E)  Help clinical decision making by:

  1. Providing information to the Clinical Genetics Service,
  2. Providing information on survival and conditional survival (that is survival if the patient has already survived one year)

F)  Provide data to the Northern Ireland Cancer Network (NICaN), clinicians and service planners to help them monitor and improve the services they deliver.

G)  Undertake local and international research to enhance understanding of cancer and determine better prevention, screening and treatment regimes.

H)  Respond to approximately 300 requests for information annually including Parliamentary/Assembly questions, queries from the press, questions from patients, students, teachers, health service planners, public health organisations and queries about alleged cancer clusters. 

In 2011 the Registry provided data and information for 286 requests, 165 general requests and 121 genetic requests (excluding local requests).  A nurse from the Medical Genetics department takes care of local genetic requests.  In the past year she responded to 782 genetic requests to provide information to local genetics councillors. Our web site provides an efficient medium for obtaining our most recent data and now includes cancer incidence (1993-2010), mortality (1993-2010) and 5-year survival rates (1993-2004) for the key cancer sites.  Pictorial representation of incidence, mortality and survival rates are available in graphical format and are accessed by individual cancer sites, currently via the link ‘Data/OnlineStatistics'.

I)  Research/Audits in the health services area.  Facilitating research/audit studies which focus on various cancers, patient referral patterns, investigations and treatments etc. ongoing research/audit projects and completed research/audit projects.

Contact Information

N. Ireland Cancer Registry
Centre for Public Health, School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences
Queen's University Belfast
Mulhouse Building
Grosvenor Road
BT12 6DP

Tel: +(44)28 9063 2573
Fax: +(44)28 9024 8017

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