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Cancer Information

FAQs about Cancer

This section provides answers to commonly asked questions about both cancer and the NICR's method of operation.

Cancer Clusters

Individuals will often be concerned that a population has a higher rate of disease than they would expect. Part of this suspicion may reflect the increasing frequency with which cancer is diagnosed in our population.  An explanation is given here of the constraints that must be applied when examinging possible clusters, and why actual cancer clusters are so rare.  A report on an investigation into a cancer cluster is also available.


Confidentiality is a major issue when dealing with patient identifiable data.  The NICR has its own policy regarding security.

Cancer Causes and Prevention

Information put together by Dr David Donnelly, N. Ireland Cancer Registry

Contact Information

N. Ireland Cancer Registry
Centre for Public Health, School of Medicine, Dentistry & Biomedical Sciences
Queen's University Belfast
Mulhouse Building
Grosvenor Road
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Tel: +(44)28 9063 2573
Fax: +(44)28 9024 8017

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