Since at least the late 19th century, Holy Week in Campanha has been preceded by the Setenary of [Our Lady of] Sorrows, a seven-day preparatory period for the contemplation of Mary's seven sorrows. Although this preparatory phase contributes toward generating a sense of expectation regarding Holy Week, it has not been described here because it no longer involves the town's traditional ensembles.

Holy Week proper begins with the celebration of Palm Sunday, which involves the Blessing of the Palms in the morning and the Procession of the Triumph in the evening. The traditional repertoire associated with these events, however, has now been altered, and for at least the past fifteen years the town choir has no longer been performing on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday: The bishop blesses the palms from the front terrace of his palace before the morning procession to the Cathedral, where he will preside over the mass.
The bishop is driven to mass in a carriage decorated with palms and flowers.
In the evening, mass is held at the Saint Sebastian Church, followed by the Procession of the Triumph. An image of Christ has been decorated with palms for the occasion.
The town band accomapnies the procession with joyful dobrados, a march genre used in processions throughout southeastern Brazil.
A crowd follow the Procession of the Triumph.