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Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How do I become a safety representative?

A. If there is no safety representative for your area, and your work colleagues are in support of you becoming their safety representative then contact the Secretary or Chair of your Trade Union Branch.

Q. What training is involved for safety reps?

A. The ICTU organise approved training courses for safety reps. The initial training (Stage I Health & Safety) consists of 10 one days seminars. There is a follow on course for more experienced safety reps. and specialist courses. Check on the News page for regular information on courses available. Your own trade union may also arrange training for safety reps.

Q. What are the functions of a safety rep?

A. Safety reps. represent employees in consultations with the employer in matters concerning health, safety and welfare. In addition safety reps. have several functions;
- to investigate potential hazards and dangerous occurrences at the workplace and to examine the causes of accidents
- to investigate complaints by any employee he/she represents in relation to health, safety and welfare at work
- to make representations to the employer arising out of the issues above
- to carry out inspections
- to represent employees in consultations with enforcing authorities
- to receive information from enforcing authorities
- to attend safety committee meetings.

Q. I am not a member of a trade union, can I ask a safety rep. to raise a safety issue for me?

A. Safety reps. at Queen’s will raise safety issues for trade union members and non-members alike.