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The Junior Academy of Music (JAM) at Queen’s provides music activities for aspiring young musicians. There are four programmes within JAM each tailored to a specific age group and suitable activites.  JAM is devised and delivered by internationally recognised musicians and specialised teachers.  JAM 1, JAM 2 and JAM 3 run on Saturdays in the Music Building while JAM 4 and JAM 4+ is on Fridays in the world-renowned Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC). 


‌JAM 1 programme

JAM 1 is for children aged 4 to 7, and consists of a Music and Movement class and a Children's Choir. Music and Movement is designed to introduce young children to various ways of performing and listening to music. The sessions involve lots of singing and rhythmic games, playing various tuned and untuned percussion instruments - all of which will, within time, improve a child’s intonation, sense of rhythm and pulse. It is a fun activity during which they learn basic musical elements. The Children's Choir will promote further their musicianship and team-working skills. The JAM 1  programme is also of benefit for children who wish to start playing an instrument when they are more experienced. 

Term Dates 2019-20


JAM 2JAM Two programme

JAM 2 is for 5 to 8 year olds, and involves a Musicianship class, Children's Choir and optional beginner instrumental tuition. JAM 2 is suited to those children who have completed the JAM 1 programme, or possibly other specialised music activities. 

It includes singing and rhythmic games, playing glockenspiel and other tuned/unturned percussion instruments which help prepare children for more advanced studies.  The focus of the Musicianship class is to develop music literacy: to learn how to sing, write, create, read and play music. Through fun activities, children extend their musical skills and refine their listening and performing abilities. This equips them for learning how to play an instrument. Children's choir offers more opportunities to develop, improve and enjoy singing. Instrumental tuition is optional and will be introduced through taster sessions in term 1 and developed during the second and third terms of each year.

Term Dates 2019-20


JAM 3 for Brass, Guitar, Flute, Piano, Singing and Musicianship.

JAM 3 is for children aged 8-17. It offers individual and group instrumental tuition on a range of brass instruments including cornet, horn, baritone, euphonium, trombone and tuba, as well as other instruments such as guitar, flute, piano and singing. All pupils also take part in either an ensemble, junior or senior brass band, or choir. All JAM 3 pupils also attend Musicianship classes. They are of paramount importance to pupils, as they provide the opportunity to gain, train and develop essential musical skills which are fundamental to their instrumental playing and their progress, such as advancing their aural skills, sight-singing, knowledge of music theory and general understanding of music.

Term Dates 2019-20




JAM 4 is part of the Junior Academy of Music programme at Queen’s University Belfast. A weekly programme for secondary school children interested in Creative Music Technology, using industry standard music-making software at the world-leading Sonic Arts Research Centre. 


17:30-19:00 For students new to JAM 4 - a complete introduction to digital music-making with audio experiments, demonstrations and creative projects. 


19:30-21:00 For previous JAM 4 students - a comprehensive course in Pro Tools audio software and a chance to work on personal music projects. Complete with Pro Tools 101 qualification.

JAM 4/4+ Creative Music Technology programme September 2019 - June 2020 Application form 


Enrolment is extended until the end of July 2019

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Term Dates 2019-20

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This season of JAM is already well under way and applications are closed.

Contact us for more information about JAM: jam@qub.ac.uk or phone 02890 975013




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Dr Juliana Licinic van Walstijn, Junior Academy of Music co-ordinator

jam@qub.ac.uk or phone 02890 975013