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Image - Equaiano in Belfast
Equaiano in Belfast

CECS Seminar Series Spring-Summer 2012

The timetable for this semester's CECS seminar series can be found by following the following link: CECS Seminar Series Spring-Summer 2012

Past Conferences and Seminars


  • 'Pensadores, Hurones, Duendes y Habladores': A PG Symposium on 18th-Century Spanish Press (30th September 2011)


  • Urban Culture Series (Spring 2011)


  • ISECS International Seminar for Junior Scholars, Queen's University Belfast, 16-20 August, 2010. [Call for Papers]

  • 5th ECLRNI Symposium (21 November 2009)




  • Wiles Colloquium - 'Lawmaking in Periphery and Centre: Constitutional Relations in Composite States, 1690-1800' (13-15-September 2007)







Conferences, seminars, and events outside of QUB 

Grants, Prizes and Fellowhips:

CECS Seminar Series Spring/Summer 2012