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Staff and Associated Members

Research interests in the Long Eighteenth Century

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Enlightenment aesthetics, especially Hume, Burke, Kant, Hegel; Poetry and poetics of William Wordsworth; Anglo-Irish writing and poetics of Maria Edgeworth.

Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Mexican literary-scientific culture and periodical history; Irish involvement in Mexican medicine.

Prof Sean Conolly


Politics, ideologies, culture, religion and society in 17th- and 18th-century Ireland.

Prof (hon.) Simon Davies


Literary relations between Britain and France, the impact of the Enlightenment on Ireland, Voltaire, Bernardin de Saint Pierre.

Dr Charlie Dillon

Irish and Celtic

17th/18th - century translation activity, Gaelic scribal activity in the 18th century, Gaelic poetry of South Ulster, The Irish in Europe 1600 - 1800.

Dr Frank Ferguson


The poetry collections of Thomas Percy (Bishop Percy of Dromore); Charlotte Brooke.

Dr Patrick Fitzgerald

Centre for Migration Studies,  Ulster American Folk Park

Irish migration 1600-present; subsistence crises and poverty; Irish in Britain (1600-1800); Ulster historiography.  

Dr Carl Griffin


Popular protest in 18th and early 19th-century rural England, esp. 'Swing' and the 'decline' of food rioting; human / non-human ecologies of forests and chases.

Dr Moyra Haslett


Poetry of Byron. Women's writing in the 18th -century ideas of community and conversation.

Prof. David Hayton


Irish and British parliamentary and political history (1600-1800), Daniel Defoe. The correspondence of the Brodrick family.

Dr Myrtle Hill

History/ Women’s Studies

Irish religious history; millenarianism; women’s social, political, religious history.

Dr James Kelly

(Honorary Professor)

(St Patrick's College, Dublin City University)

Poyning's Law and the making of law 1660-1800, the practice of medicine, the control of print, the phenomenon of collective activity, the life of Sir Richard Musgrave and ideology of ultra-protestantism.

Dr Brian Lambkin


Director, Centre for Migration Studies,  Ulster American Folk Park

John Toland; Migration between Ulster and Britain. 

Prof David Livingstone


History and theory of geography, cartography, and scientific culture.

Dr Eoin Magennis   

History / Politics

Politics, crowds and protest movements, history of econimic thought in Ireland, 1714-1782.

Dr Anthony Malcomson
(Honorary Senior Research Fellow)


Irish political and social history of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Dr Sarah McCleave


17th- and 18th- century theatre music and dance, Marie Sallé, rhythm and genre, music collections.

Dr Sinead Morrisey



1790s Prose Fiction, Edmund Burke, the ideological uses of the literary servant and the Revolution Debate

Dr Michael O'Connor


Irish printers and publishers, James Magee, the publication of literature relating to North America in 18th-century Ireland.

Prof Mary O'Dowd


Women and gender in Ireland, 1500-1850.

Dr Ciara O'Hagan

Spanish (Department of Hispanic Studies, Trinity College Dublin)

Images of America in Spanish Literature. 

Dr Fiona Palmer


Music and musicians in 18th - and 19th -century Britain, editing and publishing, performance practice, reception history, institutions and social conditions.

Dr Tim Reeve


French (Exeter University)

Transcription and annotation of the correspondence of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre; epistolary relationships of B. de Saint-Pierre; Enlightenment propaganda in the academic eulogies of the Marquis de Condorcet.

Dr Shaun Regan


The eighteenth-century novel; Laurence Sterne; comic discourse; polite and popular culture; the Early Black Atlantic; Olaudah Equiano.

Dr Daniel Roberts


Romantic Literature and Indian Literature in English.

Dr Nini Rodgers


Irish activities in the West Indies 1644-1838 and the impact of slavery and-anti slavery on Ireland in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Dr Gabriel Sánchez Espinosa

(Director of Centre)

Spanish and Portuguese Studies

History of ideas, history of reading, autobiographies, letter writing, Travel Literature.

Prof Estelle Sheehan


Poetry (particularly the Latin poetry) of Milton, Addison and Gray.

Prof Jan Smaczny


Slavic music, the music of the French Baroque, continuo in theory and practice.

Dr. Andrew Sneddon


Catholicism, conversion and the Irish language in early 18th-century Ireland; social and economic improvement; early 18th-century Irish legislation, politics of party and anti-Catholicism in early Hanoverian England, witchcraft beliefes and trials in early modern England and Ireland.

Prof Yo Tomita


J.S.Bach, the reception of Bach in Britain and Ireland, influence of Bach on Mozart, source studies, performance practice.

Prof. Ian Woodfield


Music in Ireland, social history of music, music and the British Empire, Italian opera in London, history of musical instruments, Mozart source studies.

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