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Undergraduate Study

Various Schools in Queen's University Belfast offer modules focusing on, and relating to aspects of, the long eighteenth century. Please click on the relevant School to access brief details relating to modules on offer at level 2 and level 3. Further details can be gained through contact with the individual Schools.

Eighteenth-Century Studies in the School of English

  • Stage 2 module in Eighteenth-century and Romantic Literature

Our survey module ‘Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature’ introduces students to a rnage of literature written and published between 1700 and 1830 (the approximate dates covered by texts considered in this module).

  • Stage 3 modules in Eighteenth-century and Romantic Literature

If you are interested in developing your interests in the eighteenth century and/or Romantic period (roughly, 1660-1830), you might like to consider taking one or more of our Stage 3 modules. Relevant modules that are running this year are:

    • Women’s Writing, 1660-1820 (Dr Moyra Haslett)
    • Discovering the Orient, 1660-1832 (Dr Daniel Roberts)
    • Milton and the Classical Tradition (Prof. Estelle Sheehan)
    • Comic Fiction, Fielding to Austen (1740-1820) (Dr Shaun Regan)

In 2008-2009, we also hope to be running new modules in the area:

    • Mock Epic in the ‘Long Eighteenth Century' (Professor Estelle Sheehan)

Eighteenth-Century Studies in the School of Languages, Literatures and Performing Arts

  • Stage 2 modules
    • Encuentros Maravillosos (Dr Fiona Clark, Spanish and Portuguese)
    • Women in the literature of the Enlightnment (Prof. Simon Davies, French)
  • Stage 3 modules
    • Encounters in the New World (Dr Fiona Clark, Spanish and Portuguese)
    • The Spanish Enlightenment (Dr Gabriel Sánchez Espinosa, Spanish and Portuguese)
    • Subversive Voices in the Enlightenment (Dr Simon Davies, French)

Eighteenth-Century Studies in the School of History and Anthropology

  • Stage 2 modules
    • The American South, c. 1619-1865  (Dr Brian Kelly)
    • Restoration and Revolution: Irish and British History, c. 1660-1720  (Prof. David Hayton)
  • Stage 3 modules
    • Society and Politics in Belfast, 1780-1914    (Prof. Sean Connolly)
    • Women in Britain and Ireland, c. 1500-1750    (Mary O'Dowd)
    • The People and Politics in Britain and Ireland, 1675-1750    (Prof. David Hayton)
    • The Catholic Question in Irish Politics, 1691-1829   (Prof. David Hayton)
    • Political Ideas in Eighteenth-Century Ireland   (Prof. Sean Connolly)
    • Women in Eighteenth-Century Ireland   (Prof. Mary O'Dowd)
    • Presbyterians in Ulster, 1690-1840    (Dr Andrew Holmes)