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Publications and Conference Presentations 2007


Majury, N (2007) Technology and the architecture of markets: reconfiguring the Canadian equity market, Environment and Planning A, volume 39, no. 9

Conference / Seminar Papers

Royle, S (2007) ‘The detested company’: Company colonies in the colonial endeavour, Annual Seminar Series, Postcolonial Research Forum, Queen’s University Belfast, February 28th.

Royle, S (2007) Vancouver Island as a Hudson’s Bay Company colony, 1849-1858, Canadian Studies Seminar Series, UCD Centre for Canadian Studies and the Humanities Institute of Ireland, Dublin, March 6th.

Majury, N (2007) Making space for transparency: ideas, their encounter and the construction of markets, in a special session on Travelling Technocrats, Travelling Techniques, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, San Francisco, April 20th.


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