Study Structure

The project's study structure is located at Derrygonnelly Field Study Centre, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. The building is oriented NE-SW in response to varying seasonal insolation and local weather patterns. Each wall of the structure contains three stone-and-mortar wall segments constructed of Peakmoor Sandstone, Cove Red Sandstone and a locally quarried, clayey sandstone (see Stone Types). The wall segments are designed to represent load-bearing exterior stone walls, including stone depth, joints filled with lime-based mortar, and string course and battered (sloped) forms projecting from the stone surface.


View of the study structure, looking east.
Study structure, view looking east.
Study structure, view looking northeast.
View of the structure's southwest facade. The stone types, from right to left, are Peakmoor sandstone, Cove Red sandstone, and a locally quarried clayey sandstone.



The Derrygonnelly Field Centre weather station, attached to the study structure, is one of several Northern Ireland community weather stations (CWS) supported by the Geography department in addition to our own GAP weather station. The weather station allows continuous reporting and documentation of local climatic conditions, including temperature, humidity, dew point, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, and wind speed, gusts, and direction, which contributes to understanding weather-related decay observed on the study structure's stone walls. Current and archived weather data from this weather station is available via Weather Underground, or for interactive exploration of the data visit the Derrygonnelly Live Weather display.


View of the weather station attached to the study structure.
View of the weather station attached to the study structure.